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Reproduction and larval rearing of the fresh water prawn, <i>Macrobrachium vollenhovenii</i> in Senegal

Farokh Niass
Soumaya Fall


Macrobrachium vollenhovenii is a crustacean decapod distributed on the rivers of African west coast from Senegal to Angola. This species occurred abundantly in Senegal River during the past but the population decreased drastically after erection of a dam. The aim of this study is to master the reproduction and larval rearing of Macrobrachium vollenhovenii in order to restore its population in Senegal River basin and eventually to farm it for direct human consumption. The reproduction experiment was made in 6 tanks of 75 litres each containing males and females in a ratio of 1:4; 5 tanks of 1250 litres each being able to contain up to 3 males and 12 females. Two 75 litres tanks are connected to a biofilter. A control was daily made to monitor the evolution of the individuals. The larval rearing was carried out by maintaining the water temperature at 29°C and the salinity at 15 ppt. Hatching occurred after 13 to 14 days of incubation. There were 15 larval stages before reaching postlarval one. Since the larval rearing is mastered, the next step would be to try to build up a hatchery in order to produce the species in greater quantity.

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Keywords: Palaemonidae, Prawn, genitor, hatch, larviculture, postlarvae