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Gomphrena celosioides (Amaranthaceae) aqueous extract effects on vascular reactivity of rats subjected to myocardial ischemia for 7 and 14 days

Drissa S. Sanou, Stanislas Sawadogo, Stéphane Grauzam, Stéphane Tanguy, Joël De Leiris, François Boucher, Raymond G. Bélemtougri, Laya Sawadogo


In this study, we evaluated Gomphrena celosioides aqueous extract effects, a plant used in high blood pressure traditional treatment in human patients, on isolated vascular rings contractility of rat aorta submitted to myocardial ischemia created by coronary ligation for 7 days and 14 days. Vascular reactivity measurement for rings subjected to injections of Gomphrena celosioides aqueous extract at increasing doses from 10-9 μg/mL to 10-2 μg/mL indicated dose-dependent relaxation and dependent endothelium on rat aorta preparations IDM D7 and IDM 14D. Obtained rates are comparable to those of Ach. Indeed, the GC relaxation rates on EP contraction do not give significantly different values compared to Ach which is the reference substance. Relaxation maximum value and Ec50 in IDM 7D are 585 ± 1.10 and 1.89.10-9 μg/mL versus Ach, 567 ± 6.69 and 1.89.10-9 μg/mL, respectively. On the other hand the same proportions were noted in rats IDM 14D; GC gives as maximum values: 591.33 ± 10.77 and Ec50 of 2.73.10-9 and for the Ach one has: 647 ± 9.54 and Ec50 1.34.10-9 µg/mL. A significant effect was not also note in SHAM compared to NOP. Experimentation does not result in a change in endothelial function and therefore any change noted would be due to ischemia effects. In conclusion our results are due to the fact that the model ischemia does not cause a significant alteration to modify endothelial function. A long duration of ischemia would be necessary to better mimic pathological situations often observed in patients. © 2019 International Formulae Group. All rights reserved.

Keywords: Gomphrena celosioides, chronic ischemia, vascular reactivity, phytotherapy
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