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An Assessment of Training Needs of Arabic School Teachers in Lagos State: Implication for Planning Training and Retraining Programmes

G G Oke
IA Musa


The study identified the training needs of teachers in the Arabic schools in Lagos
State. The study involved Head Teachers in 42 selected Arabic schools operating in
Akoka, Bariga and Somolu areas in the Lagos metropolis. The subjects were given a
list of six possible teaching competencies and asked to appraise their level of
competence in each, and also indicate their willingness to attend a short refresher
course on pedagogy. The study revealed that the respondents are deficient in varying
degrees in communicative English – both oral and written, preparation of scheme of
work and lesson plan, including formulation of behavioural objectives and evaluation
of teaching – learning outcomes. Additionally, majority of the respondents showed
positive attitude towards remedying their areas of deficiency. It was concluded that
education faculties, education and training consultants and operators of Arabic schools
in the State have an important role to play in utilizing the findings of the study to plan
and implement appropriate training and retraining programmes for teachers.

Keywords: Arabic Schools; Teaching Competencies; Retraining Programmes

International Journal of Educational Research Vol. 3 (2) 2007 pp. 249-258