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Analysis of flexural wave propagation in poroelastic composite hollow cylinder

J Manoj Kumar, S Ahmed Shah, C Nageswara Nath


Wave propagation in an infinitely long poroelastic composite hollow cylinder in is examined by employing Biot’s theory of wave propagation in poroelastic media. A poroelastic composite hollow cylinder consists of two concentric poroelastic cylindrical layers both of which are made of different poroelastic materials with each poroelastic material as homogeneous and isotropic. The inner and outer boundaries of composite hollow poroelastic cylinder are free from stress. The frequency equation of flexural vibrations of poroelastic composite hollow cylinder is obtained. In addition some particular cases such as poroelastic composite hollow cylinder with rigid casing, poroelastic composite bore and poroelastic bore are discussed. Non-dimensional phase velocity is computed as a function of non-dimensional wavenumber. The results are presented graphically for two types of poroelastic composite cylinders and then discussed.

Keywords: Biot’s theory, poroelastic composite hollow cylinder, wavenumber, rigidity, phase velocity

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