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Information Literacy (IL) teaching and learning: a literature review

GT Chipeta


The paper is largely based on review of existing literature on teaching and learning Information Literacy (IL), both online and in print. It reports on studies about the teaching and learning of IL in some institutions of higher learning. It also discusses lists of competencies, and descriptions of information literacy programmes and courses. In addition, the paper intends to compare literature on various IL undertakings in the developed countries to IL initiatives being undertaken in some developing countries, particularly, in some African Universities. The paper also discusses some challenges faced in the teaching and learning of IL in some institutions of higher learning. Some of these include technological issues, diverse groups, language and cultural barriers and time and lack of computers. The paper has been able to unearth the dearth of studies on information literacy in Africa and concludes that information on IL is mostly Euro-centric; there is little happening in African countries, except for South Africa where there have a been a number of inititiatives. The paper has demonstrated that Information Literacy is being taken seriously as a module or course at some institutions of higher learning in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa and Malawi, although a lot more needs to be done in terms of facilities and equipment which are vital in inculcating IL skills in students.
Keywords: Information literacy, teaching and learning, teaching, literature review

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