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Process model for building quality software on internet time

G Ekuobase
O Fajuyigbe
E Onibere


The competitive nature of the software construction market and the inherently exhilarating nature of software itself have hinged the success of any software development project on four major pillars: time to market, product quality, innovation and documentation. Unfortunately, however, existing software development models are either a bunch of ponderous bureaucratic serial processes or unstructured set of agile processes. While the former ensures appropriate documentation and quality of software product, it undermines the criticality of innovation and time to market, the latter holds time and innovation in high premium but treats the issue of quality and documentation as secondary. We therefore lack, but need a software process model that holds these four success factors in high esteem. This paper proposes one such model – the MULTIPARL model. The MULTIPARL model is a structured time driven model that ensures that a software product is constructed and delivered as increments of partial functionality. In particular, the MULTIPARL model stood out as the most appropriate process model for Web-based application development when it was subjected to the Onibere’s process selection criteria alongside some active software process models.

Keywords: Software, internet, Software process model, MULTIPARL model