General Instruction: Submission of electronic copy to, is preferred. Where this is not possible, authors should submit two copies of original article not yet published anywhere and accompanied with a 3.5” diskette containing the article labeled appropriately in MS Word version to: Executive Managing Editor International Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences (IJONAS) Department of Animal Science and Technology Federal University of Technology PMB 1526 Owerri, Nigeria. Articles submitted to the journal should be based on original research or continuation of previous studies that are reproducible. Review articles should be authoritative and very current. Manuscript should be typed on white A4 paper, double-spaced with wide margin. Criteria of Manuscript: Submitted manuscripts will be assessed from editorial point of view, at first, and if found appropriate for publication, it will enter the peer-review process. To ensure unbiased review, referees will receive the blinded version of the manuscript. The corresponding author will then be informed of the evaluation along with the Editorial remarks. Authors of accepted articles will be asked to provide their article on floppy diskette or via E-mail (, The journal discourages the submission of more than one article dealing with related aspects of the same study. The contributor shall pay a publication fee when the paper is accepted for publication. Title Page: The title of paper must be brief and contain words useful for indexing, the full name and affiliation of all authors. The address for correspondence (along with e-mail address) should be given. Structure of Manuscripts: Articles should include Abstract, Key words, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion and Reference sections. References: All publications cited in the text should be presented in a list of References following the text of manuscript. In the text, refer to the author’s name and year of publication. Example: “Since Anosike (2001) has shown that….”, “ This is in agreement with previous report (Anosike, 2001)”. If the authors are more than two, the name of the first author should be used followed by “et al.”. In the list of references however, names of first author and coauthors should be mentioned. Periodical: Okoli, C. G. and Iwuala, M. O. E. (2004). Urinary schistosomiasis in Imo state, Nigeria: A study of its prevalence intensity and clinical signs in four local government areas. Journal of Helminthology, 78: 343 - 346. Symposia and book of proceedings etc. Chah, K. F., Bessong, W. O. and Oboegbulem, S. I. (2000). Antibiotic resistance in Avian colisepticeamic E. Coli strains in Southeast, Nigeria. In, Proc. 25 th Ann. Conf., Nig. Soc. For Anim. Prod. (NSAP), 19 th-23 rd March, Umudike, Nigeria. pp: 303-305. Books: Singleton, P. (1997). Bacteria in biology, biotechnology and medicine, 4 th Ed. John Wiley and sons. Ltd, New York, Toronto. Tables and Figures: Tables should be printed on separate sheets and should appear after references. The tables should be numbered in Arabic numeral. Figures should be provided only if they improve the article. Sharp computer generated drawings would be acceptable. Figures should be numbered in Roman numeral. If color prints are necessary, the cost of production will be charged to the author. Manuscripts are copy edited for clarity, conciseness, and for conformity to the journal. Proof: A marked copy of the proof will be sent to the corresponding author who must return the corrected proof to the Editor-In-Chief with minimum delay. Printing charge: An initial handling fee of seven hundred Naira ( N 700.00) should accompany all manuscripts submitted by local ( Nigeria) authors. A printing charge of N 6,500.00 or US$ 75.00 is requested per accepted article. The corresponding author will receive ten off prints and a copy of the journal upon payment of the printing charger.

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