Heavy metals concentrations in water bodies around aquamarine and topaz mining sites on eggon hills, nasarawa state, nigeria

  • P Raphael
  • A Tsafe
  • F Abdulrahman
  • A Itodo
  • O Ajagbonna
  • I Shabanda
Keywords: Heavy metals, aquamarines, topaz, mining, Nigeria


Water samples from three streams in the mining area of Eggon Hill were analysed. The Physicochemical values obtained were compared with WHO permissible standards in drinking water. Except for Cu and Zn with levels within permissible limits, other heavy metals determined were found to have levels above the WHO recommended values for drinking water. The levels of
the metals followed the order Mn > Ni > Fe > Co > Cr > Cd > Zn > Pb > Cu. The implication of high levels of these metals on biota and consequently man were highlighted. Recommendations for enlightenment campaign, provision of alternative sources of water and further research were made.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 0794-4713