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Prevalence of hepatitis b virus surface antigens (HBsag) and Hepatitis C virus antibodies in blood donors at Jos, plateau state, Nigeria

AA Chukwuedo, NCO Eze, L Nimzing, AEJ Okwori


The prevalences of hepatitis B virus surface antigen (HBsAg) and hepatitis C virus (HCV) antibodies were determined in 560 blood donors sera using ELISA kits (DIALAB., Austria). Forty eight (8.57%) of these were positive for hepatitis B virus infection, while 33(5.89%) were positive to hepatitis C virus antibodies. The sex distribution of affected individuals showed that 40(8.68%) out of 461 males and 8(8.08%) out of 99 females were positive for HBsAg. Similarly, 31(6.72%) males and 2(2.02%) females were positive for HCV. Age group 18-28 years had the highest prevalence both for hepatitis B, 25(5.43%) in males, 4(4.04%) in females and hepatitis C, 20(4.34%) in males and 2(2.02%) in females. The results highlighted evidence of co-infection of hepatitis B and C, and males had higher prevalence than females for the infections in the donor blood samples, implying that such blood should be screened against hepatitis B and C alongside other viral diseases. Some social and demographic factors were not tested due to unwillingness of the donors to supply useful bio-data. It is recommended that further larger scale studies be carried out since some of these elements are possible predisposing factors.

Keywords: Hepatitis C virus antibody, hepatitis B virus antigen, blood donors, Nigeria

International Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences, 5(4): 398-401, 2009

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