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Molecular dynamics of the structure and thermodynamics of dusty plasma

MS Liman
B Alfa


The static structure and thermodynamic properties of two-dimensional dusty plasma are analyzed for some typical values of coupling and screening parameters using classical molecular dynamics. Radial distribution function and static structure factor are computed. The radial distribution functions display the typical characteristics of fluids, which is pronounced maxima at some inter-particle distance followed by successive minima and maxima of reduced amplitudes. Static structure factor has typical for a fluid like structure with repulsive forces acting between the particles. Internal energy of our system covering the domain of weak, intermediate and strong coupling with 0.5 < 2 are also computed. The results of the internal energy are expressed by simple interpolation formula, which is useful for obtaining other thermodynamic quantities. The interpolation results compared favorably with those of simulation.

Keywords: Radial distribution function, static structure factor, molecular dynamics, dusty plasma, Yukawa system, thermodynamics

International Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences, 6(2): 189-195, 2010