International Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences

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Formulated linear programming problems from game theory and its computer implementation using Tora package

M Ighodae, O Ighedo


Game theory, a branch of operations research examines the various concepts of decision making under uncertainty, involving two or more intelligent opponents in which each opponent aspires to optimize his/her own decision at the expense of the other opponent. This work is focused on how the solution to a game problem can be correctly interpreted in the light of the practical situation under consideration. A good theoretical background is needed in interpreting optimal mixed strategies as proportion of time that a given player could utilize each of his/her pure strategies. It is also needed in interpreting how a two-person zero sum game could be reduced to a special linear programming problem, using the primal and symmetric dual linear programming problem and its numerical illustration of the super linear programming problem using TORA package.

Keywords: Game theory, linear programming, zero sum game, TORA package, computer

International Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences, 6(4): 413 - 422, 2010

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