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Does vitamin e supplementation influence serum oestradiol and progesterone concentrations in gilts?

SC Akomas
AG Ezekwe


Eight mature gilts, randomly selected, individually housed and placed into two groups – vitamin E supplemented and non-supplemented were compared for serum ovarian levels of progesterone and estradiol. This was to access the influence of vitamin E supplementation on the concentrations of progesterone and estradiol using Enzyme Linked Assay. The estradiol concentration was 36.719 pg/mL in the supplemented group, while in the non supplemented group it was 37.344 pg/Ml. Progesterone values were 3.738 (ng/ml) in the supplemented group and 5.313 (ng/ml) in the non
supplemented group. The progesterone values were seen to be on the decline after estrus with a value of 4.425 ng/ml in the supplemented group and 2.250 ng/ml for the non-supplemented animals. The highest values of estradiol was observed during the period of estrus (follicular phase),
while the least values were at the diestrus (luteal) phase. This study is therefore in agreement with the theory of vitamin E's mechanism of action in improving fertility by sparing progesterone.

Keywords: Vitamin E, Enzyme linked assay, progesterone, estradiol, gilts

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eISSN: 0794-4713