International Journal of Tropical Agriculture and Food Systems

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Evaluation of the Impact of Anambra Imo River Basin and Rural Development Authority on Agricultural and Rural Development of Southeastern Nigeria

EE Emeghara


This study was carried out with the broad objective of evaluating the role and impact of Anambra-Imo River Basin and Rural Development Authority (AIRBRDA) on agricultural and rural development in the Southeastern Nigeria. The paper argues that over three decades of the establishment of the AIRBRDA, there appears to be a disparity between its objective and what has really been achieved, due to a variety of factors. Notable amongst these factors include inconsistency in government policies, inadequate operational autonomy owing to frequent government interference in the running of the authority, inappropriate technology, paucity of funds, dearth of qualified manpower in key areas and problems associated with procuring spare parts for broken down equipment, plants and vehicles. Amongst the recommendations proffered to enhance the performance of AIRBRDA include granting of adequate operational autonomy and increased funding.

Keywords: AIRBRDA, agricultural, rural development, Southeastern Nigeria

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