Length-Weight Relationship and Fecundity of Clarias Gariepinus in a Tropical Reservoir, Southwest, Nigeria

  • JA Oso
  • O Fagbuaro
  • TS Olaniran


This study considered the length-weight relationship and fecundity of Clarias gariepinus in Ero reservoir, a tropical reservoir in Ekiti, Southwest Nigeria. Four hundred and eighty eight (488) specimens of the fish species were collected during the period of study spanning between April 2003 and March 2005. Gears employed were gillnets, cast nets, basket traps and hook and lines. Standard length ranged between 29.1 and 33.1 cm, while weight ranged from 225.87 to 373.48 g. The linear relationship of length and weight of the C. gariepinus population showed isometric growth pattern with ‘b’ values being higher than 3. Mean fecundity was 769. High positive correlation was recorded between fecundity and standard length (r = 0.71, p<0.05) and also between fecundity and weight (r = 0.874, p<0.05).

Keywords: Clarias gariepinus, length-weight relationship, Ero reservoir, Nigeria


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eISSN: 1597-913X