Phenology of three mosses from upper Ogun, a savanna area of southwestern Nigeria

  • O. O. Oyesiku
Keywords: Phenology, Calymperes, Thuidium, Erythrodontium, Savanna, Nigeria.


The reproductive phenology of one acrocarpous and two pleurocarpous mosses, Calymperes erosum C. Muell., Erythrodontium barteri (Mitt.) Broth and Thuidium gratum (Palis) Jaeg. were investigated over a 27-month period in the savanna zone of Southwestern Nigeria. The actual time of fertilization was not ascertained, but the stages of dehiscence of mature sex organs coincided with the swollen venter (SV) stage of sporophyte development. Initiation of sexual organs and dehiscence of capsules occurred over a brief period of 3-6 months. Sporophytes developed from December to March (dry season) and spores were mostly discharged from capsules from April to October (wet season). Rainfall, temperature, light intensity and relative humidity contributed to the pattern of phenological cycles.

Key words: Phenology, Calymperes, Thuidium, Erythrodontium, Savanna, Nigeria.


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eISSN: 0794-4896