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Determination of iodine in human milk and urine

JT Ayodele, FB Suleiman


Human milk and urine samples were collected from 84 healthy volunteer nursing mothers living in Kano, Nigeria. The samples were analyzed for their Iodine content using the Iodine-catalyzed reduction of Ceric ion by Arsenous acid. Separating the Iodine by solvent extraction eliminated interferences. Physiological concentrations of iodine were determined in milk and urine. Recovery studies are reported along with results for the analysis of milk and urine samples. Iodine contents ranged from 10 - 110 (mean 52.88 ± 22.60mg/l) and 10 - 90 (mean 27.64 ±16.70) g/l in milk and urine respectively. A significant difference is indicated between the mean iodine in milk and urine. Iodine in milk and urine show a progressive decrease from 60±19.35mg/l in colostrums to 45±21.21mg/l in the mature milk.
Key words: Iodine, human milk, urine, catalytic determination.
Ife Journal of Science Vol.6(1) 2004: 79-83
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