L’elefante nella stanza tutta per sé. Ristrutturare da terrone un laboratorio sull’intersezionalità

  • Francesca De Rosa
  • Antonia Anna Ferrante
Keywords: Intersectional feminism; terrone; ghosts; homeplace; queer; decolonial


This contribution is designed as a “construction site”, or work-in-progress following from “The elephant in the room of one’s own”, a workshop that took place as collective experience and writing project, as well as an open-ended
and ongoing discussion. Just like the workshop, it will focus on intersectionality and its implications for processes of cultural appropriation, colonial repressions, internal colonialism, and homonationalism. The paper is made up of three parts/rooms: in the “storage”, we deal with colonial foreclosure and its ghosts; in the “salon”, we deal with whiteness and homonormative regime of visibility; finally, we explore the possibilities of a brand new and more inclusive room of one’s own. This contribution is part of a larger project whose focus is not to reconstruct an archive “proper”, but rather, to develop a dispositif aimed at activating/enacting our common repertoire of knowledges as racialized/queer feminist scholars and activists.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2225-7039
print ISSN: 1012-2338