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Determinants of Participation in Youth-in-Agriculture Programme in Ondo State, Nigeria

Thomas Kehinde Adesina
Eforuoku Favour


The study examined the determinants of participation in Youth-In-Agriculture Programme (YIAP) in Ondo state, Nigeria. Multistage sampling procedure was used to draw 128 youths as study sample. Questionnaire was used to elicit information from the respondents. Data were analyzed with descriptive and inferential statistical tools: Chi-square, Pearson Product Moment Correlation and Multiple Linear Regression. Respondents’ mean age was 32.0±5.1 years; 59.4% were males, 99.2% had formal education and 62.2% were married. Mean households’ size was 4±1.0 persons. Over 50.8% had between 1 and 5 years farming experience. Most (68.0%) had favourable attitude towards YIAP. Inadequate training facilities was the most severe constraint to participation (0.98) and participation in YIAP was above average (57.0%). Predictors significantly related to YIAP participation were household size (β=0.133, p=0.032), farm size (β=0.373, p=0.001), years of farming experience (β=0.354, p=0.002), attitude (β=0.228, p=0.006) and constraints (β=-0.074, p=0.032). However, farm size (β=0.40) and years of participation (β=0.36) mostly contributed to participation in YIAP. Effort by relevant agencies to providing extension education, encourage female youth participation and harnessing youth involvement in agriculture programme will ultimately reduce rural-urban drift.

Key words: Youth participation, Youth- in- Agriculture Programme, Drift, Employment