Author Guidelines

Articles should be type-written in English, double spaced on only one side of A4 (210 by 297mm) paper and not more than 15  double spaced pages.( using one-inch margins with Arial Theme and 12-point), inclusive of references, tables, figures and appendixes. Articles should be uploaded on the association’s website ( JAE reserves the right to ask authors to shorten excessively long papers before they are entered in the review process. However, JAE recognizes that papers intended to make very extensive contributions or that require additional space for data presentation or references may require more pages.

  • At the point of submission each articles should indicate on  the first page the title of manuscript
  • Capitalise first letter of each word of the title
  • At the point of submission do not include authors name, address, email and phone number to allow blind review Type surname and other names followed by address below the title
  • After acceptance  include all authors name, address, email and phone number
  • Type surname and other names followed by address below the title
  • Capitalise the first letters of each name
  • The names of the author(s) should be followed by the abstract and subsequent parts of the article.

Section heading

  • Capitalised only the first letter of each word or of proper nouns of the section head
  • Sub-section heads should be flushed left


  • Number each table in Roman Numerals followed by a colon and the title
  • Give each table an explicit title
  • Capitalise the first letter of each proper nouns in the table title
  • Place the title of each table on top of the table
  • Do not use frequencies and percentages as separate columns in a table. Use percentages and indicate the sample size in bracket after the word percentage
  • Indicate boarders of table row headings, sub headings sub-total and total
  • Type table(s) in exact text location(s)


  • Number each figure
  • Give an appropriate title to each figure
  • Capitalise the first letter of each nouns in the figure title
  • Place the title of each figure below the figure

References and citations

Follow the style of the latest edition of the American Psychological Association (APA)

Payment for Publication

Submission and review are at no cost to the authors. The cost of the review process is borne by the Society. However, authors of accepted articles are required to pay a publication fee of ₦50,000 ($100). Authors of accepted articles that came through the annual or special conferences of the Society will be required to pay a publication charge of ₦ 15,000. The monies are specifically used to support part of the cost of publication, distribution of the hard copies of the Journal and related activities.

Publication Fee Waiver and Discounts

JAE has provision for publication fee waiver and discounts for authors with demonstrated needs (places in war crisis, prolonged natural disaster, physically challenged). Discounts vary from 10% to 50%. Application for waiver or discounts should be addressed to ( indicating basis for the request.

For payments by authors within Nigeria (Naira)
Bank Name: Access Bank (Ilorin Branch)
Account Name: Agricultural Extension Society of Nigeria
Account Number, 0020725578

For payments by authors outside Nigeria (Dollar)
Pay through:
Citibank New York
111, Wall Street
New York
N Y 10043
ABA .I. D: 012-000-089
ACCESS Bank Nigeria
Name: Agricultural Extension Society of Nigeria
Name of Bank: Access Bank
Account Number: 0688190790

Guide to Reviewers

Your invitation to serve as a reviewer in the peer review process is based on trust. Reviewers must maintain confidentiality, treat all manuscripts and materials confidentially and must not communicate directly with authors.

In order to ensure this, follow this step before you start the review process:
-    Click Review on the Microsoft
-    Click the dropdown under Track Changes
-    Click “Change user name”
-    Then Change your user name to “Reviewer”
JAE aims is to have a first decision to the authors by 4-6 weeks after submission.

Articles are initially reviewed by at least two Reviewers.

Reviewers should read the JAE Guide to Authors and  pay attention to the following:

  • manuscript is written in clear and concise English;
  • the title is specific and reflecting the content of the manuscript;
  • the Abstract is brief and describing the purpose, method, major findings, conclusion and recommendations of the work;
  • Tables are appropriate and clearly presented. Should anyone be simplified or condensed? Should any be omitted;
  • Figures are justified and clear with fonts proportionate to the size of the figure. Do the figures describe the data accurately;
  • Trade Names, Abbreviations, and  Symbols are properly used where indicated;
  • the methods are appropriate and presented in sufficient detail to allow the results to be repeated;
  • data adequate to support the conclusions;
  • are all the objectives covered in the presented results;
  • are all the results provided for in the objective;
  • are all conclusions based on results? Does the conclusion explain how the research has moved the body of scientific knowledge forward?

JAE expects reviewers to provide on time a thorough and comprehensive report. Provide useful comments for authors and a clear recommendation to the Editor. Reviewers are at liberty to use the JAE review platform on JAE website ( or send a report following the criteria by email to the Editor-in-Chief

For more information: Reviewer’s information

Please Download AESON Reviewer's Report Form Download Fill and Upload, Click to download

Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.

Journal Identifiers

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