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Farmers Adoption Scenarios for the Control of Cassava Mosaic Disease under the Cassava Enterprise Development Project in Enugu State, Nigeria

A. E. Agwu, P. C. Njom, B. U. Umeh


This study determined farmers’ adoption levels of the cassava varieties and value adding technologies introduced under the project. Data for the study were collected from 260 randomly selected respondents using interview schedule. Farmers’ adoption indices were used to summarize information on adoption levels, while exploratory factor analysis procedure using principal factor model with varimax rotation was used in grouping the major constraint factors to adoption. Results showed that farmers were still at the interest stage of the adoption of the cassava mosaic disease (CMD) resistant varieties (𝑥 ̅=2.44), cassava processing innovations (𝑥 ̅=2.32), and improved marketing methods (𝑥 ̅=2.25). Farmers were at the evaluation stage in the adoption of agronomic practices (𝑥 ̅= 3.27) while, processors were at the evaluation stage in both processing and improved marketing innovations (𝑥 ̅= 3.43 and 3.12 respectively). However, they were at interest stage (𝑥 ̅= 2.84) in the adoption of the value adding technologies. Public and private extension agencies should therefore be encouraged to continue the extension service delivery of the CEDP innovations for greater proportion of cassava farmers to adopt the new varieties for sustainable production of cassava in the country.

Keywords: Improved cassava variety, Cassava mosaic disease, Cassava enterprise development project
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