Perceived Effect of Agricultural Transformation Agenda on Livelihood of Cocoa Farmers in Osun State, Nigeria

  • Nkiru T. Meludu
  • Elijah Babalola
  • O.M Okanlawon
  • P.O. Olanrewaju
Keywords: Cocoa farmers, Agricultural Transformation Agenda.


This study assessed the perceived effect of Agricultural Transformation Agenda (ATA) on cocoa farmers’ livelihood in Osun State. Multi stage sampling technique such as purposive and simple random techniques were used for the selection of 120 respondents. Questionnaire was used to collect data from the respondents and data analysis was carried out using descriptive and inferential statistics. Results showed that mean average farm size was 2 acres and the major source of labour used by the respondents (37.5%) was family labour. The study revealed that more than half (68.3%) of the respondents had high knowledge of ATA programme and many (61.7%) of the respondents utilized it. The mean perceived effect category of respondents on ATA was 18. There was a significant relationship between the respondents’ farm size (r=0.387, p>0.000), years of farming experience (r=0.351, p>0.000), ATA inputs accessibility (r=0.734, p>0.000), utilization (r=0.720, p=0.000) and the perceived effect on their livelihood. The respondents had favorable perception towards ATA with high utilization of ATA programme. Farmers should further be encouraged to participate in the programme by regularly providing necessary inputs by the government. Continuous family farming is encouraged to boast labour and reduce cost.

Keywords: Cocoa farmers, Agricultural Transformation Agenda.


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