Characteristics of free-range chicken production in Ogun State, Nigeria

  • S.A. Abanigbe
  • A Adesina
  • A Jibodu
  • M.F.O. Jaji
Keywords: Free-Range Chickens


The study investigated personal characteristics of respondents, habits and practices, numbers of chickens and other animals cared for, causes of chicken loss, chickens’ diseases and health care awareness by respondents, and preferred extension capability to provide linkage services. Fifty farmers were selected using multi-stage sampling procedure. Data were collected with the administration of structured questionnaire and analyzed with frequency counts and percentages. Results showed that 70% of respondents were female and 42% were within 18 to 45 age bracket. Adult female (48%) spend the most time caring for the chickens while, 30% and 24% keep chickens for sales and consumption respectively. 76% provide housing, 74% provided feed-supplement and 80% give medication to support their flocks like intensive system. Predators (40%) and diseases (36%) were the main causes of poultry loss. Continuous sensitization on basic information about chicken care (100%) and market accessibility (76.51%) were some of the preferred extension capability by farmers. Continuous training and provision of linkage services in terms of simple housing, feed-supplement, vaccination against Newcastle-Disease and deworming of birds) are recommended extension capability to develop FPP business.

Keywords: Free-Range Chickens


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