Listenership of Latoju Oja Radio Extension Programme among Farmers in Oyo State, Nigeria

  • AnjolaOluwa. O Fadairo
  • Benjamin. O Oyelami
Keywords: Latoju oja radio programme, listenership, farmers


This study assessed the listenership of latoju oja radio programme among farmers in Oyo state, Nigeria. Ninety farmers from three local government areas were randomly interviewed and data was analysed using descriptive and inferential statistics. Results revealed that the mean age of farmers was 47 years. Most of them (67.8%) were Muslims, male (76.7%), and married (94.4%). Respondents had moderate level of education showing primary education (42.2%) to be in the modal class. A high proportion (80.0%) of the farmers were satisfied with the time of airing of latoju oja programme and considered it to be a useful source of information with a favourable disposition about the programme. Farmers disposition was highest in areas of enhancement of farmers bargaining power (x̄=4.53). The major constraint faced by respondents was how to sort out conflicting information provided by latoju oja radio programme (x̄=2.84)). The findings indicated listenership to be low among a majority (58.9%). A significant relationship existed between level of education (x2=3.99), benefits derived (r=0.15) and listenership of latoju oja radio programme. Although latoju oja radio programme is well listened to, the information provided should be reconciled with the current market value so as to achieve the desired objective.

Key words: Latoju oja radio programme, listenership, farmers


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