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Utilisation of Information Communication Technologies among Male and Female Rural Dwellers of Southwestern Nigeria

Oyedeji Taofeeq Yekinni
Rhoda Titilayo Adeniyi
Oluwatosin. O Ibikunle


The study assessed the utilisation of Information Communication Technologies among rural dwellers of Southwestern Nigeria. A multistage sampling procedure was used to select 240 respondents using an interview schedule. Data collected on socioeconomic characteristics, use, purpose, benefits, constraints, disposition to ICT utilisation, and the difference between the use of ICT among males and females were analysed with percentages, mean, Chi-square, and Pearson’s Product Moment Correlation at α 0.05. The results showed that most of the respondents were members of a social group (82.9%) who mostly used mobile phones (WMS=1.64); for networking among males (98.5%) and female (100.0%). Respondents’ most derived benefit from ICT use was network facilitation (WMS=0.87); with females (M=13.06±3.90) benefiting than males (M=12.73±3.97). However, the most realised constraint to ICTs use was inadequate funds (WMS=0.60) affecting females (M=9.46±3.90) more than males (M=8.27±4.05); with males (M=85.75±10.80) being favourably disposed to ICTs use than females

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