Provisions for Climate Change Technological Capability in the Agricultural Policies, Acts and Initiatives in Nigeria

  • CJ Obiora
  • MC Madukwe


Technological capabilities are the skills (technical, managerial or organisational) that enable farm or actors to efficiently use equipment and information and improve technology. The paper reviewed the climate change technological capability provisions in agricultural policies, acts and initiatives in Nigeria. The technological capabilities examined were production, investment, minor change, linkage and strategic marketing, major change and learning capabilities. Climate Change Policy for Nigeria is still in the draft stage. Agricultural polices reviewed except the National Fadama III Project had no provision for climate change. Minor and major change capabilities were very prominent in the climate change initiatives. Acts and initiatives also showed that learning and linkage capabilities by which firms enhance their technological competence were strongly represented. Production, strategic marketing and investment capabilities however, were overtly deficient in the acts and initiatives. It recommended that the existing policies, acts and initiatives should be upgraded/reviewed to incorporate strategic marketing which fills the gap between market demands and what the firm/farm offers. Investment capabilities which showcase investment in machinery (equipment) or human resource should also be incorporated into the policies, acts and initiatives.

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eISSN: 2408-6851
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