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A geo-electrical resistivity conceptual model update for the Menengai geothermal system

DS Saitet, MO K'Orowe, NO Mariita


A geo‐electrical conceptual model for the Menengai geothermal prospect is built using magnetotellurics data both of low and high amplitude collected over time. The data is corrected for static shift by use of transient electromagnetic data collected at the same data stations. Data collected previously in the same area using these techniques is also incorporated into the working data base. The entire data set is jointly inverted and cross sections taken along four profiles cutting across the caldera and intersecting major structures in the area. An interpretation of these results show the existence of geothermal indicators within the caldera bounds with a general north‐eastern to south‐western trend and is significantly shallower towards the east

Key words: Geothermal, Menengai, resistivity, MT, TEM, AMT

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