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A model for enhancing the application of value management in construction projects in Kenya

Gibson K. Maragara
James O. Okaka
Ahmad Alkizim


Value management (VM) has been widely used in the construction industry to facilitate projects for decades in many countries around the globe. The concept began in the US, and then other nations such as China, Japan, South Africa, and Nigeria followed and tested its effectiveness by assessing its impacts on costs, quality, and time. A VM application has a low cost and a high benefit process, and thus, if well-practiced and integrated into project management at the beginning of a project, it would lead to its successful completion. It also helps in improving the value of a project by ensuring low costs, high quality, and completion within the stipulated time frame. In Kenya, there remains a gap in that very little information has been documented about VM applications in construction projects. Therefore, this study seeks to evaluate and develop a model to enhance the application of value management to construction projects. The study sampled all registered key stakeholders in construction projects within Kenya. The stakeholders are comprised of engineers, architects, quantity surveyors, contractors, and project managers. A stratified sampling strategy was employed, and data analysis was conducted using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 25. The analysis methods used in this research were both descriptive and inferential in nature. Data summaries in terms of frequencies, means, and standard deviations were obtained under descriptive analysis. The inferential analysis comprised Pearson's correlation and regression analysis, which determined the significant determinants of VM application and were used to establish a predictive model. The study showed that team dynamics, procurement policy, government regulations, and VM knowledge are significant predictors of the level of VM application. A model has been developed that can assist in enhancing the application of value management in construction projects in Kenya.

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