Development and usage of sportsturf: a survey of major utility areas within Nairobi, Kenya

  • J B Njoroge
  • M K Kivungi


Several major sports fields within Nairobi city offering playing grounds for soccer, golf, cricket, rugby and hockey were surveyed through direct interviews and questionnaires. The aim was to assess the status of sportsturf usage and point out the important challenges that need attention by researchers and other stakeholders in turfgrass industry. Information sought included, the types of turfgrass species used, soil profile construction method, cultural practices observed, level of technical expertise, source of information for management and problems encountered. It was noted from literature and personal discussion with several turfgrass managers, that, documented information on turfgrass use in Kenya is largely lacking. The survey showed that only golf courses had a strict quality maintenance programme of fields as compared to other sports fields. This was largely attributed to the nature of the game that demands certain minimum standards and the more informed and serious clientele. There is a general lack of schedule of maintenance activities to match demand of expected sports events. Mere working experience and peer advice served as the main source of knowledge for maintenance of fields and not factual scientific evidence. Most managers observed that the population and variety of users of sports fields are gradually increasing which will demand more playing fields that guarantee quality sportsturf for intense usage. It was further shown that the range of turfgrass species used was very limited thus raising concern for need to identify new local species.

Keywords: Management, sportsfield, sportsturf, turfgrasses, utility areas

Journal of Agriculture, Science & Technology Vol. 9 (1) 2007: pp. 15-27

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eISSN: 1561-7645