Effect of Graded Bambara Nut Flour on Proximate Composition and Physico-Chemical Properties of Fortified pupuru Flour

  • SJ Olatunde
  • GO Ogunlakin
  • SA Oyeyinka
  • FE Adedoyin


Cassava mash was fortified with bambara flour during pupuru production to produce pupuru bambara flour at different percentage combination. Pupuru made from 100% cassava (Sample A) and three blends of cassava mash and bambara in ratios 90:10 (Sample B), 85:15 (Sample C) and
80:20 (Sample D) were produced. Proximate composition and some physico-chemical properties were determined using the parameters of protein, fat, fibre, ash, moisture, carbohydrate, swelling capacity, foam capacity, foam stability, loose and packed bulk density, water absorption capacity, pH and TTA. The protein content of the samples ranged between 1.92 and 6.33%, fat (1.20 -1.97%), ash (3.17 - 3.70%), crude fibre (2.13 - 3.70%), carbohydrate (76.23 - 81.27 %), moisture (9.20 - 10.27%) with sample A (100%) and sample D (80:20) having the lowest and the highest
respectively in these parameters except the moisture content and carbohydrate which decrease as the level of substitution increases. All the physico-chemical properties evaluated were significantly different at P<0.05. The pupuru formulated from 80% cassava mash and 20% bambara flour was found to be the best in all the parameters evaluated.

Keywords: Pupuru, bambara, fortification


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1596-5511