Religious Belief as a Determinant Factor of Food Processing in Ilorin

  • AA karim
  • OR Karim
  • MN Adeoye


Religion has a strong connection with food processing and whether Christians or Muslims, food is an integral part of religious functions. In Islam, halal (lawful) is no longer simply a matter of extra religious regulations on food and food processing; it has become a huge and rapidly expanding global market that includes and affects Western biotechnology companies. The food industry is therefore paying increasing attention to various Muslim requirements, for example by avoiding substances that might be contaminated with porcine residues or alcohol such as gelatine, glycerine, emulsifiers, enzymes and flavouring agents. Ilorin is a predominantly Muslim society that has been profusely influenced by Islam. It is within this context therefore, that this paper was designed to examine the relationship between religious belief and food processing in Ilorin. Based on this finding, it was recommended that, public awareness should be made on the role of religious belief in food processing.

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eISSN: 1596-5511