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The Inhibition of aflatoxin production from Aspergillus parasiticus NRRL 2999 by ethanol extract of Aframommon danielli flower

MO Afolabi, GO Adegoke, BA Olunlade, AA Adeola, WO Ibitoye


The inhibition of Aflatoxin production from Aspergillus parasiticus strain NRRL 2999 was investigated using ethanol extracts of Aframommon danielli flower at concentrations of 250ìg/g, 500ìg/g, 750ìg/g and 1000ìg/g with whole wheat bread as a substrate. Aspergillus parasiticus grew abundantly on whole wheat bread; growth on samples containing 250ìg/g and 500ìg/g extracts were scanty and those of 750ìg/g and 1000ìg/g were not visible. The percentages
aflatoxin (B1 + G1) inhibitions of the flower extract were 25.2% (250ìg/g), 43.5 (500ìg/g), 65.2% (750ìg/g) and 70.2% (1000ìg/g). The percentage inhibition for Tioconazole (100ìg/g) was 88%. The result showed that Aframommon danielli flower ethanol extract can prevent mould growth
and aflatoxin production in foods.

Key words: Aflatoxin, Aspergillus parasiticus, danielli

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