Acceptability and Nutritional Attributes of Moringa Oleifera-enriched Maize Flour

  • HA Agboola
  • AK Arise
  • RO Arise
  • JK Joseph
  • SO Akiode


study was carried out to investigate the effect of fortification on the general acceptability and nutritional characteristics of Moringa oleifera flower–enriched fermented maize flour (Ogi). The fermented maize flour was grouped into five based on the percentage of maize and Moringa
oleifera flower powder used for the production as a source of protein and micronutrients for the formulations. The groups 1- 5 represent maize and Moringa oleifera flower powder in ratio 10:0, 9:1, 8:2, 7:3 and 6:4 respectively. Flowers of Moringa oleifera were sun- dried for 5 days, milled
and sieved to obtain fine powder. The fine powder was mixed thoroughly with fermented maize flour by pounding and stirring. Chemical analysis of the sample formulations revealed considerable amount of measured nutrients with group 5 formulation having the highest protein and nutrients content, followed by group 4, 3 and 2 compared to group 1 and the control group. The resulting blends of fortified fermented maize flour were creamy and greenish yellow in colour, free flowing and dispersed easily in water. Sensory evaluation of the samples showed that group 3 sample was the most generally acceptable to the taste panel in terms of colour, texture and appearance. This study suggests that Moringa oleifera-enriched fermented maize flour at the ratio of 80% and 20% fermented maize flour and Moringa oleifera flower powder respectively could improve significantly the protein content and general acceptability attributes of the fortified
maize flour.

Key words: Maize flour, Moringa oleifera, Micronutrients


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eISSN: 1596-5511