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Socio-economic status of fish farmers in Phalga Local Government Area, Rivers State, Nigeria

ADI George, OA Davies


Survey of socio-economic status of fish farmers in Phalga Local Government Area, Rivers State, Nigeria was carried out to evaluate the trend, structures, operations, management of fish farms and the level of acceptability of new technologies. The Local Government Area was divided into eight zones, and each zone was divided into eight locations making a total of 64 fish farms visited. Structured questionnaires and personal communication was the instrument used for the study conducted between June 2011 and July 2011. Data obtained was analyzed using Microsoft Excel. It was found that age, education, occupation of the farmers had significant effect on their perception of new technology, adoption of decision and investment behavior. Most of the respondents funded aquaculture enterprises from personal savings. The dominant culture system adopted by fish farmers was concrete pond. Most of the fish farms visited were under medium scale of production. Fish farming in this Local Government Area is developing as it is a capital intensive investment. The fish farmers are therefore encouraged to form cooperative bodies for assistance.

Keywords: Sociology, economics, saving, fish production, technology, Port Harcourt
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