A Survey of Fish Production and Processing Machinery in Rivers State, Nigeria

  • OA Davies
  • NB Ikenweiwe
  • ADI George
Keywords: Capital, machines, operators, engines, fish farmers


Survey of fish production and processing machinery in Port Harcourt City Local Government Area of Rivers State, Nigeria was carried out to evaluate the followings: different machines used for fish production and processing, the most acceptable machine, effect of cost of machinery on the fish farmer, whether gender has influence on the type of machines and prime mover adopted. This information was gathered using structured questionnaires and personal interviews which were designed and administered between February 2013 and July 2013.The Area was divided into ten zones and each zone divided into eight locations thus, a total of 80 fish processing sites were visited. A total of 200 machines was observed: 45 pelleting machines (22.5%), 14 mixers (7.0%), 40 hammer mill/plates (20.0%) and 35 generators (17.5%). The equipment used for smoking and drying of fish represented 10 (5.0%) for ovens and 14 (7.0%) for dryers. Dissolved oxygen and pH meters were not common equipments while generators were recorded in most of the farms visited. Diesel engine (80.4%) was the most prominent prime mover. Diesel engines were operated mostly by males while petrol engines were mostly operated by females. Mechanization of fish farming is relatively low in this Local Government Area.

Keywords: Capital, machines, operators, engines, fish farmers


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eISSN: 0189-8779