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Effects of <i>Nigella sativa</i> Seed Extracts on Growth Performance and Survival Rates of <i>Tilapia Zillii</i> using Immersion Method

K.A Sani
I.O Obaroh
T Yahaya
J.N Keta
E.K Joseph
F.V Arilewo
I Adamu


The study was aimed at investigating effects of Nigella sativa (Black cumen) seed extracts on growth parameters of Tilapia zillii. Seven hundred and twenty mixed sexes of Tilapia zillii (mean weight 0.97g) were collected and randomly distributed into four different treatment groups (0.0, 0.10, 0.15 and 0.20g/l) in three replicates. The N. sativa seeds aqueous extracts were prepared according to standard methods. Study revealed that growth parameters were better in treated compared to control fish. The result showed that fish growth increased with increase in concentration of the plant extract with significant differences (p<0.05) in each group. Results showed that the group treated with 0.2g/l (highest concentration) had the highest final weight (29.12+0.27), mean weight gain (28.15+0.27), % weight gain (2902.41+27.55), specific growth rate (5.56+0.02) and relative growth rate (48.37+0.46). While the least growth parameters were obtained in group treated with 0.10g/l concentration having final weight (13.85+0.12), mean weight gain (12.88+0.12), % weight gain (1327.49+12.08), specific growth rate (4.26+0.01) and Relative growth rate (22.12+0.20). The results revealed that temperature in all treated groups ranged from 27.67±0.20 to 28.94±0.14oC. Dissolved oxygen (DO) ranged from 3.71+0.25 to 3.89+0.16mg/l, pH ranged from 6.98+0.01 to 7.07+0.06 while total dissolved solid (TDS) range was from 157.18+0.61 to 210.42+1.62pp/m. The values for these water parameters in various treatment groups were observed to be within the optimum suitable for growth of tilapia. The results revealed that Nigella sativa seed extracts could be used in enhancing the growth of Tilapia zillii.

Keywords: Immersion, Tilapia zillii, Nigella sativa, Fry