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Freshwater Ostracoda from Jamieson River, Niger Delta Region, NIGERIA



An investigation of ostracods along the entire stretch of Jamieson River, Delta State, Nigeria was carried out to determine the species composition and ecology. A total of four species of freshwater ostracods, three of which are new records in Nigeria are reported. All the four species were widely spread across the five sampling stations; however percentage co-occurrence of species of Ostracoda indicate that none of the ostracods species showed significant co-occurrence. At stations one and two no significant correlation existed between ostracods and any of the environmental factors investigated, however, at station three air and water temperatures significantly correlated negatively with the ostracods (P < 0.05), while at stations four and five Transparency and Calcium respectively showed highly significant correlation with ostracods (P < 0.01), while transparency was negatively correlated, Calcium showed positive correlation.

Keywords:Freshwater, Ostracoda, Crustacea, Nigeria

Journal of Aquatic Sciences Vol.18(2) 2003: 113-118