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Finite element modelling of 2-dimensional plane stress problem with linear strain triangular elements

K. A. Oladejo
R. Abu
O.A. Bamiro


The basic concepts of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) are presented by applying the technique to develop an FEA model for solving two-dimensional in-plane loaded plate using Linear Strain Triangular elements. This case study is chosen because it has an analytical solution and therefore provides a useful basis for the discussion of the accuracy of the finite element solution. Interactive input and output interfaces of the model were developed on the platform of Visual BASIC 6.0 for pre-processing and post-processing modules, respectively, while the codes for processing module were presented in FORTRAN 90, 4-element and 12-element meshes were employed for the analysis of the case study. Due to the symmetrical nature of the problem, 15°-sector of the disc was considered. The load boundary conditions were translated to the nodal forces components in order to obtain radial and tangential stresses for each element. The analytical results were calculated from the Lame’s equation. The model gave results close to those obtained from the Lame’s equation with percentage error not more than 9.173%. However, the 12-element mesh gave better results than the 4-element mesh. The model has made the analysis more flexible, and also made visualization and presentation of results easier for better appreciation

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eISSN: 1596-3233