To ensure that the review and publication of your paper is as quick and efficient as possible, please read carefully and adhere strictly to these instructions.

Preparation of Manuscript

General: All Manuscripts should be prepared in English on any of the following versions of Microsoft Word (word 6 or 97). NOT Word Perfect please.
It must conform to A4 paper size in 12 point type size, double spaced. Margins not smaller than 25mm should be left at all the sides.
Three hard copies and a soft copy in a clean and new diskette should be submitted.
Title: The title should be concise and informative. It should be followed by the names of the author(s) and their addresses. In case of multiple authorship, kindly indicate the corresponding author.
Abstract: Each paper should have an abstract of not more than 200 words. It should state clearly the scope and purpose, methods or procedures as well as significant results. Kindly provide not more than five key words.
Introduction: This should give motivation and objectives, review of literature and justification for the study carried out.
Main Body: This should contain Theoretical Development and/or Experimental Procedures (whichever is appropriate). The layout should be according to Author’s plan. However the Author should give detailed description, cite relevant authorities for established methods, development and procedures to enable repetition by other researchers.
Results and Discussion: The results should be presented with or without well-composed tables and/or figures (graphs, diagrams, photographs) without duplicating their contents. The discussion should be on the implication and consequences of the results but not a repetition of the results.
Conclusion: This should summarize important conclusions emerging from the work.
Tables and Figures: Tables and Figures should be supplied in a separate sheet. They should be numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals.
Titles of tables should be on top while those of graphs, pictures and plates should be below. All graphs must be prepared in Microsoft Excel to ensure easy insertion into the document. Tables should not contain vertical lines and should have only three horizontal lines. The headings should be bound by two of the horizontal lines with the third at the bottom of the table. All photographic pictures must be clear (black and white or coloured) to ensure easy scanning. If possible scan and insert in the document.
Headings & Subheadings: All headings should be in UPPER-CASE (Capital) and bold while subheadings should be in Title Case and bold.
Equations: Should be typed using Microsoft Equation Editor. They should be numbered consecutively.

Citing: References in the text should be by the last name and year (Raji, 1999); Bamiro and Alabi (2000), (Igbeka et al, 2001).
Listing: This should be in alphabetical order. The recommended format for listing references is as follows: Name(s), initials (Year); Exact title of paper; The title of periodical. (Volume Number initial and final page numbers) / (Edition, Publisher and place of publication for textbooks.) Serials Olayinka, A.R; Babalola, A.A. and E.M. Adeoti. (1997). Robotic Sorting of Food Products. Journal of Applied Science and Technology. 1(1):200-209. Book Arthur. M. M. and E. A. Hughes. (1978). Principle of Electricity in SI units. Longman, London. Processing and

Page Charges
A processing fee of N1500.00 or ($20.00) should be sent with the manuscript in Bank Draft or International Money Order payable to the Faculty of Technology, University of Ibadan.
A publication page charge of N600.00 ($10.00) per page is charged after acceptance for publication. This should be sent with the final manuscript after review.

Reprints: Ten reprints will be supplied to authors free of charge. Additional reprints may be ordered when sending the final manuscripts before publication.

Journal Identifiers

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