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Energy requirements for the in-store drying of cereal grains

SO Jekayinfa
OJ Alamu
OJ Adigun


Meterological data were collected from Ilorin and Ikeja in Nigeria to obtain relevant statistics on the monthly mean maximum and minimum dry-bulb temperatures, as well as the average dry-bulb temperature during the coolest 15, 25 and 50 percent of the time, and during the warmest 50 percent of the time. The absolute humidities of the ambient air during these times were estimated from data collected on relative humidities and dew point. All these data were further used in calculating the energy requirements for the drying of grain. Also calculated are the power required to pump air through the grain and the periods required for drying. It is found, from a typical case study that the energy requirement for drying one tonne of grain with moisture content of 22% down to 12.6 percent (wet basis) is 54.0219kWh. The time required by the fan to carry out this drying process is 43.919 hours. The simulated data was compared with an experimental result and there was a reasonable agreement between the two thereby validating the simulation program.

Journal of Applied Science, Engineering and Technology Vol. 3(1) 2003: 19-24

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eISSN: 1596-3233