Effect of moisture content on some physical properties of two beniseed accessions

  • EB Lucas
  • TMA Olayanju


Some physical properties of two beniseed accessions (Yandev-55 and E8) were determined at moisture content levels of 5.3, 10.6, 16.1, 22.4, and 28.3 per cent (wet basis). The properties were spatial dimensions, bulk density, true density, porosity and thousand-kernel weight. A-2 x 5 factorial experiment in completely randomized design was used for the study. The spatial dimensions of major, intermediate and minor diameters were 2.80, 1.83 and 0.66mm for Yandev-55; 3.30, 2.13 and 0.75mm for E8 respectively. The corresponding geometric mean sizes were 1.49 and 1.73mm at 5.3% moisture content level. These values increased linearly with increase in moisture content. The sphericity values for the two accessions were in the range 0.52 to 0.55 (SD - 0.03). The bulk and true densities decreased from 0.688 to 0.613g/cm3 and 1.042 to 0.981g/cm3 for Yandev-55; 0.674 to 0.528g/cm3 and 1.050 to 0.988g/cm3 for E8 respectively with increase in moisture content from 5.3 to 28.3%. The porosity and thousand-kernel weight increased with increase in moisture content and are within the range of 34.52 to 46.56% and 2.63 to 3.50g respectively. The effect of moisture content of beniseed was highly significant on all the parameters except on major diameter and sphericity. The parameters obtained are necessary inputs into the design of an efficient oil expeller for the seed.

Journal of Applied Science, Engineering and Technology Vol. 3(1) 2003: 7-12

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eISSN: 1596-3233