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Profitability analysis of plantain marketing in Kaduna metropolis, Kaduna state Nigeria

OC Ariyo
MO Ariyo
OE Okelola
S Omodona
HA Akesode
RJ Akanni


The study was carried out to analyze the profitability of plantain marketing and to examine the structure of plantain market in Kaduna Metropolis. Seventy five plantain marketers were randomly selected from six purposively selected markets. Structural questionnaires were used to collect the data. Descriptive statistics, Cost and return analysis, Herfindahl index, Gross ratio, Operating ratio, Expense structure ratio, Return per capital invested, Benefit cost ratio were used to analyze the data. The study showed that majority (64%) of the plantain marketers were male. 65.3% are within the active age range of 31-60 years. Most respondents are married and educated having a household size of between 1-10 members. Herfindahl index of 0.03 revealed that plantain market tends towards perfect competition. The costs and return analysis showed that purchased cost, transportation, labour and storage cost constitute the variable cost and rent, tools and market charges forms the fixed cost. Furthermore, the finding showed that plantain marketing is profitable with the net return of 14,369 naira per month from the sales of 163 plantains bunches. Analysis of the profit revealed that plantain marketing is a profitable business. The constraint militating against marketing of plantain in the area were also identified to be high transportation cost, seasonal price fluctuation, rapid deterioration in quality/ spoilage, inadequate capital, high initial cost of plantain, poor access road and high market charges. The study therefore recommends plantain marketers should come together to form plantain marketer’s cooperative groups from which members could obtain loans at very low interest rates. Also problem of infrastructural facilities such as bad roads should be address by all tiers of governments.

Key words: Plantain marketers, Herfindahl index, plantain bunches

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