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Appraisal of young farmers’ club programme in Abia state, Nigeria

EO Mbanaso
AR Ajayi
AG Ironkwe
NA Onunka


This study appraised Young Farmers’ Clubs programme in secondary schools in Abia State. Data were collected using simple random sampling technique and structured interview schedule as instrument. Results showed that only a small proportion (about 27%) of the secondary schools had functional YFCs. Reasons for this situation were government, school authorities, agriculture teachers and student-related. The projects embarked upon by the YFCs were Agriculture, Home economics, Handicrafts, Educational and Managerial projects. The activities most frequently embarked upon by these clubs were crop production under Agriculture and food preparation under Home economics. The problems facing the YFCs in the state were related to the government, school authorities, agriculture teachers and students, with government-related problems predominating. It was recommended that government should create a fund similar to industrial training fund to provide logistic support to YFCs, and make mandatory the organization of YFCs programme in secondary schools.

Key words: Young Farmers’ Clubs programme, secondary schools

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eISSN: 1595-7470