Dealing With A Controllable Risk Factor Like Diet In The Management Of Cardiovascular Disease

  • A Essien
Keywords: Cardiovasvcular disease, cholesterol, risk factors, diet.


Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a silent killer in Nigeria and many parts of the world. Certain factors increase the risk of CVD. While there are controllable factors that contribute and predispose to the development of CVD like diet, exercise, tobacco use, high blood pressure and
obesity, there are uncontrollable factors like age, sex and heredity, which are out of the control of the individual. Freedom from CVD is an intricate interaction of many factors. Diet is one strong means of staying free of CVD. This paper posits that rather than calling for a complete boycott of red meat and poultry eggs, thereby throwing those involved in this line of business out of work, professionals involved in animal production, can resort to genetic, dietary, non-dietary, and pharmacological means of controlling cholesterol in meat and eggs. Even though CVD is more common among the aged, artherogenesis (the beginning of artery plaque formation) starts in early childhood. Education is a very important factor in our search for freedom from CVD. Medical personnel, human nutritionists, veterinarians and animal scientists should form a strong synergy in the fight against this scourge.

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