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Yields Components and 48-H Rumen Dry Matter Degradation of Three Sweet Potato Varieties in N’dama Steers as Influenced by Date of Harvesting

I Etela, GA Kalio


Two experiments were conducted to study the influence of harvesting date on three sweet potato varieties (TIS-87/0087, TIS-8164 and TIS-2532.OP.1.13). Fodder yields and leaf-to-stem ratio decreased (P < 0.05), while harvest index and 48-h rumen DM degradation increased with maturity from 12 to 20 weeks after planting (WAP). Mean root yields and leaf-to-stem ratio were higher (P < 0.05) in variety TIS-8164, while TIS-87/0087 recorded lower root yield and TIS-2532.OP.1.13 gave lower leaf-to-stem ratio.

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