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Opto-electrical characteristics and tunability of mid-infrared quantum cascade Alpes Lasers

MM Dzagli, MA Mohou, KS Gadedjisso-Tossou


Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCLs) represent advanced technology for Mid-Infra Red (MIR) and Far-Infra Red (FIR) laser sources. Experiments were conducted to investigate the optical and electrical characteristics of Alp-es SB 1487 QCLs. The laser source achieved pulsed power density on a target cavity with tunability around 7 μm. Measurements of the tunability of the QCLs as function of temperature and applied voltage were investiga-ted to identify the shift in emission wavelength. The results indicated tunability as low as 0.04 nm/V with the pulse voltage and 0.28 nm/K with the sink temperature, respectively, at emission wavelength of ~ 6.8 μm. The characteristics of QCLs confirmed the suitability for applications in bio-sensing and muonic atom spectroscopy.

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