Phacomorphic Glaucoma in Gambians

  • Chimdi M. Chuka-Okosa Department of Ophthalmology, University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Enugu


Aims: (i) To assess the uptake of cataract surgical services in the Gambia in a simple way, using the incidence of Phacomorphic glaucoma.
(ii) To review the cases of phacomophic glaucoma seen in the Gambia over a one-year period.
(iii) To update us on the systematic approach to the treatment of early phacomorphic glaucoma.
Report: Four cases of phacomorphic glaucoma (with no previous history or signs of trauma, uveitis or any other ocular or systematic pathology that could explain the development of the glaucoma apart from cataract) seen over a one-year period in Royal Victoria Hospital, Banjul, the tertiary unit of the Gambian Eye Care Programme, were identified and analysed for age, sex, symptoms/signs, duration and treatment.  There were 3 females and 1 male aged between 50 and 71 years. All but one presented with pain and blurred vision of≤3 week duration. Visual acuity at presentation was ≤PL in all patients and all remained blind (visual acuity <3/60) even after surgery.
Conclusions: i. Generally, the uptake of cataract surgical services in the Gambia is good. ii. In spite of the effectiveness of the cataract surgical services of the Gambian Eye Care programme, those in dire need of cataract surgery have not come in contact with the available services.

Key words: Phacomorphic glaucoma; lens intumescence.

(J College Med: 2003 8(1): 30-32)

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eISSN: 1118-2601