Comparison of male breast carcinoma in the Ibos of West-Africa and in their ethnologically linked Hebrews of the Middle East

  • Wilson IB Onuigbo Medical Foundation and Clinic, 8 Nsukka Lane, Box 1792, Enugu 400001, Nigeria


Aim: To compare the occurrence of male breast carcinoma in Ibos and Hebrews on the basis of their ethnological linkage.

Methods: A 30-year retrospective analysis was carried out with regard to Ibo males suffering from breast carcinoma. The literature was searched for such data in Hebrews.

Results: Ibo cases numbered 41 while Jerusalem cases came to 42. Similarities were noted in terms of the age bracket with the highest incidence, the average age, the proportion of bilateral disease and the most common presenting symptoms. Dissimilarities occurred as regards the ratio of the incidence of male and female lesions, the laterality of growths, the presence of ulceration and the delay from the first symptom until diagnosis.

Conclusion: Ethnicity is a demographic variable worthy of concerted research in the rare field of male breast carcinoma.

Keywords: breast carcinoma, males, Ibos of West Africa, Hebrews of Middle East

Journal of College of Medicine Vol. 10(2) 2005: 107-109

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eISSN: 1118-2601