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A review of public health problems of human trafficking in Nigeria

EA Nwoke
DFE Nwagbo
J Okafor


Nigeria and other developing countries of Africa, south of Saharan are currently facing one of the most dehumanizing social and public health problems, human trafficking (HT). This can be termed modern slavery in which victims of HT are adopted, forced or coerced into labour and sexual exploitation, especially young girls exported into Europe. Some are trafficked or smuggled through torturous land routes, like the Saharan desert to Europe, and passing through the Mediterranean Sea in small boats. In Course of these, some of the victims never get to their destination – either because they are abandoned en-route or are drowned in the Mediterranean Sea. The present study uses available information to create a better understanding of the causes, the psychological, social and public health problems of this dehumanizing activity in Nigeria – which is adjudged the center of the regional child trafficking market. This work brings to focus the government efforts to combat HT in Nigeria.

Journal of College of Medicine Vol. 11(1) 2006: 21-25
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eISSN: 1118-2601