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The use of social media in combating the ebola virus in Nigeria- a review.

UC Nduka, A Igwe-Omoke, C Ogugua


The cross-country recent epidemic of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) and the Nigeria success story has been variously commended. There is thus a need to review and revisit the epidemiological distinctiveness, transmission, and control measures of this disease. This papers reviews the Nigerian Strategy which led to successful containment of the epidemic in the Country. Evidence shows that a concerted effort involving several epidemiologic steps and mass awareness interventions taken by different groups and healthcare organizations and governments were deployed. The positive role of social media in containing the epidemic is very commendable and is highlighted. This article is important because the Nigerian strategy can be deployed in managing any case of epidemic in developing and developed countries, and provides evidence that developing Countries can provide direction for major global health challenges.

Key Words: Ebola Disease, Virus, Nigeria, social media

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