Maternal and perinatal outcome of eclampsia in a tertiary health institution in south-east Nigeria

  • ED Adinma
Keywords: Eclampsia, Maternal and perinatal outcome, Tertiary health institution, Southeastern Nigeria


Objective: To evaluate the maternal and perinatal outcome in patients with Eclampsia at Nnamdi-Azikiwe-University-Teaching-Hospital (NAUTH), Nnewi, Nigeria.                                                                                    Method: A retrospective study of cases of Eclampsia managed at NAUTH over a ten year period — 1st January, 2000 to 31st December, 2009. Maternal outcome was measured in terms of complications and maternal death. Foetal outcome was assessed in terms of low birth weight, pre-term births, low apgar score, and perinatal deaths.
Results: There were 57 cases of Eclampsia out of a total of 6,262 deliveries within the study period, giving a prevalence of 0.91%. Majority, 71.7%, had Caesarean-section. There were 17.4% maternal deaths mainly from pulmonary oedema, 6 (13.0%), acute renal failure, 4 (8.7%), and coagulopathy, 3 (6.5%). Perinatal deaths were 25.5% as a result of prematurity, 42 (82.4%), and low birth weight, 36 (70.6%). Twenty one (41.2%) of the new born had Apgar score of less than seven at five minutes while 13.0% were severely asphyxiated.
Conclusion: Eclampsia was associated with high maternal and perinatal morbidity and mortality in this study. There is need to review existing protocol on Eclampsia management with emphasis on appropriate health education of pregnant mothers, good antenatal care, early diagnosis of preeclampsia with prompt treatment.

Key Words: Eclampsia, Maternal and perinatal outcome, Tertiary health institution, Southeastern Nigeria.


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